Monday, February 1, 2010


It can be argued that the Toronto Maple Leafs are - and have been for over forty years - lacking in luck. In fact, I believe there are few who could argue against this. Yes, the team and the fans have lately been subject to poor management, lack of talent, and perhaps "blue and white disease," but, our lack of winning for over 4 decades can almost singlehandedly be blamed on a complete lack of luck. Still, we had our lucky moments (like a delightful collection of post-season Snes matchups), but never when it mattered most. But at least we weren't Red Sox fans pre-2004.

I present to you Exhibit A.
(You probably know what it is, and if you do, save yourself the anguish).

Thanks to DGB for the link. Yes, Kerry Fraser's douchebaggery clearly played a large role, but it may all be boiled down to piss poor luck.

I could provide a large list of such unlucky occurrences, but I would prefer not to subject the readers to such a collection of sorrow, as they likely could make a more thorough list themselves without my help.

Think of the last time the Leafs were a competitor. Who ran the ship? Irishman Pat Quinn. Since then, it has been a slew of disappointing seasons. As such, I have taken it upon myself to write at this time not only because I have been recently inspired by reading a number of Toronto bloggers (to list them would take far too long), but also because I honestly believe we are on our way to something big. And who is the captain of our ship now? Irishman Brian Burke.

Say what you will about the Irish (for example: "Burke must have been as drunk as an Irishman when he made that trade." And, for the record, he probably was), but there may be something to this.

Is it a coincidence that the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs were once known as the Toronto St. Pats? Is it coincidence that Conn Smythe himself was Irish? Is it coincidence that AHL All Star Christian Hanson played for the Fighting Irish? Is this all the luck of the Irish? Probably not... but wouldn't it be awesome if it was?

Every move Burke has made lately - particularly the most recent Phaneuf move - is high risk/high reward. Burke is gambling here, and what's the key to a successful gambler?

A proven system.

But if you don't have that, you damn well better be lucky. Here's hoping we've got one of the two.

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